In we offer assistance to your projects and development of small programs for automation of processes.


Software development.

Tell us what you need and we will study the project together and help you implement, organize or fully develop it.
Since the full implementation of the project to a single part of it. Or even to implement a specific functionality within your project, or help in solving a specific error.

Share your projects.

Share any project in STEP 7, TIA Portal or MicroWin so people can download it and you can receive compensation. Please contact us by email.

Student support.

If you need a small project to use in your course, if you need help in your automation project, if you need help on a specific function that you use in your project and do not really know how to implement it, or help on the structure of your project or just You not know where to start, contact us and we’ll help.

Design for automation projects.

If you need ideas for the design of your touch screen, if you need help in designing new icons to your screen with specific dimensions or with specific images that you want them to place a colored background or transform the type of icon, etc. … contact us and we’ll help you develop them and send them to you by mail.

Additional services.

We make another series of processes that can help you simplify your work day by day:

Transform TIA Portal 11 project to TIA Portal 12 or 13.

If you send us your project we’ll send you the image by email so that you can forward to your users.

You can download the program with which you can burn the image to a Siemens MMC card.

Transform your WinCC flexible project to TIA Portal.

We will create any project with the hardware that you specify and we will send to you to by mail: MicroWin, Step 7 or TIA Portal.

We will design all the icons you need in your WinCC Flexible Project or touch screen TIA Portal Project.

Contact us for assistance.